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What is your spare parts warranty?

Easy Coating has been engaged in powder coating machine parts supplying

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What is your spare parts warranty?

Update Time:2022/10/8

We supply too many different spare parts replacement for the powder coating spray guns,and most of them are made of different art and material,so part of them have differet warranty period.

1. About the powder guns high voltage cascade,complete powder spray guns,complete powder machine controllers, the GM02 ,GM03 & GM04 pro back cover PC board,the PC board inside the controller,the warranty is 1 year.Within one year,if there are any problem when you use them in normal condition( not artificial) we can repair or resend new to customer,all of the cost we will afford.If that problem is made by man power or mistaken operation,we are not responsible.

About other powder system wear parts such as injector venturis,powder tubes,electrode holders,powder transfer hose,spray nozzles,powder tubes... they do not have no warranty,because this kind of product are the quick-wear parts.But if you have any question during your are using our parts please contact us freely,we are always responsible for our products.


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