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Do you accept the customized order?

Easy Coating has been engaged in powder coating machine parts supplying

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Do you accept the customized order?

Update Time:2022/10/8

We are very prfessional supplier for the powder coating guns and parts for more than 13 years,we sell many kinds of different parts to all over the world more than 50 countries.We have do more orders for customers special request on customized products.Such as some venturis,powder tubes,nozzles and electrode holders ...

For the powder spray nozzles,when you supply the sample to us ,we will analysis  the material at first,and then give you a corret pirce and the minimum order quantity, 

For the powder transfer feed pump injectors venturi,we need you supply the original samples or send us the darwing.We should confirm the size and material at first,then we can give you a correct price and the minimum order quantity.

We also can produce the tribomatic spray nozzles at any type with teflon material.

For the powder tubes,we can make the inner diameter and outer diameter and also the length as your request.The longest powder tube we have make is 1750mm for the automatic spray guns.

For other parts,if you have special request please contact us freely.


Easy Coating has been engaged in powder coating gun parts for 13 years and serviced more than 50 countries clients all over the world.High quality product with competitive price,good after-sales service earned her respect of the clients.