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why choose powder coating

Easy Coating has been engaged in powder coating machine parts supplying

Easy Coating has been engaged in powder coating machine parts supplying

why choose powder coating

Oct 6,2022
Why choose powder coating
In recent years, more and more metal processing enterprises choose to use the process of spraying powder to replace the traditional painting process, why is this?

Now let's take a look at the advantages of powder spraying.

1. No dilution, no poison, no pollution, good layer quality, high adhesion, corrosion resistance, short curing time, no primer.

2.Low technical requirements of workers, on the powder coating booth,there are some filters, the filters can filt the wast powder,and after seriving machine, the wast powder can be used again for new spray,so it has a very high  powder recovery to save cost.

3.The non-renewable water resources are saved and the secondary solid waste treatment is avoided.It will not cause organic waste gas pollution to the atmosphere and minimize VOCs emissions

4.In THE process of powder electrostatic coating, water resources are not needed as process measure materials, and secondary solid waste treatment of process materials is not needed, which not only saves non-renewable water resources, but also avoids secondary solid waste treatment. Wet spray painting method needs circulating water as raw material of process treatment, facing the secondary treatment after water pollution in process cycle, dry spray painting method needs the secondary solid waste treatment of paint mist attachment

5.Electrostatic powder coating process measures are more simplified, the surface of the workpiece after oil removal, rust removal, removal of dirt can be painted, painting is just a spray powder process, and then into high temperature curing, coating powder at 180~220℃ after 20~25min melting curing, and then the completion of the process. The painting process is more complex, the workpiece also after oil removal, rust removal, removal of dirt, into the painting operation, that is, "primer coating → primer drying → finish coating → finish oil → finish oil drying", at least also through primer finish paint two processes

6.Powder electrostatic spray gun corona discharge is adsorbed on the workpieces powder is charged, after curing, will be formed in the surface coating, the coating quality is good, adhesion and high mechanical strength, high corrosion resistance, long normal product surface level off, smooth, can also according to the product surface state requirements for prints or orange peel coating, namely powder can show the color and pattern are very abundant.

7.The large cyclone recovery device in the powder recovery device is often used together with the rapid powder change center, which is convenient for frequent color change, and the associated equipment is quickly cleaned after color change, so as to shorten the time for multi-color change of coating and improve production efficiency.

Although electrostatic powder coating has many advantages above, there are still some shortcomings. It is necessary to strictly control the powder lost and air dust concentration during painting operation, and equip the associated powder recovery device to achieve clean working environment surface and clean air. Otherwise it will make the surrounding objects and staff will fall on the dust. Too high a concentration of dust can cause explosions

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