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Can I get a free spare parts sample?

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Can I get a free spare parts sample?

Update Time:2022/10/8

For some small wear parts such as powder pump venturis,spray gun nozzles,paint gun electrode,small connectors,powder hose( within 1 meter),air hose (within 1 meter),o rings and some outer nuts,we can supply free samples by the quantity 1-5pcs ,the  courier cost should be paid by client collection.

But for some other powder gun parts, such as the complete powder spray guns,the high voltage cascades,the powder transfer pumps,the controllers,the powder hoppers,the parts with PCB,thread sleeves ...the trial order should be paid at first, because that kind of parts material cost is too high and we can not afford the cost.

For some customized spare parts,the sample fee is also should be paid at first and they will also have some different minimum order quantity to produce.For example, the insert sleeve venturi,when we get the sample,we will analysis the material and then quote the price and minimum order quantity to you such as 100pcs or 50pcs,then you pay the total amount to us,we start to produce them.


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